Chinese Grand Prix

Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

China`s largest and fastest growing city, Shanghai, staged Grand Prix racing for the first time in 2004! The Ancala West Sports Car Club was there!

That first year, five Ancala West Sports Car Club members attended the race.

We will return this season for the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix once again for our now annual pilgrimage. Most club members will be staying at the The Portman Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai. Club members are planning to arrive in Shanghai via Pudong Airport on the Wednesday prior to race weekend.

The $240 million, 5.45 km Shanghai track is designed in the shape of a Chinese character called “shang” (meaning “to rise”). It is the latest in a series of high-profile building projects for the city. Within the circuit will be a host of planned activities designed for the enjoyment and entertainment of Ancala West Sports Car Club members.

We’ve reserved the incredible kart racing circuit for an exclusive one-hour Ancala West Sports Car Club track session on Friday.

Like a pearl set in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, Shanghai is the showcase of China`s fast growth. It will be exciting to witness the F1 drivers on unfamiliar turf in a city where anything is possible. Join the Ancala West Sports Car Club to experience the thrill of the first ever Grand Prix of China.

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