New Jersey F1 race postponed

Formula One (F1) and the Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial (GPA) announced today that the inaugural race has been moved from June 2013 to 2014 due to ongoing construction issues on the unique riverfront street course. F1 and GPA expressed confidence that the race will occur in 2014.

“We are going to be racing at Port Imperial, unfortunately just not as soon as we hoped and expected,” said Leo Hindery, Jr., promoter of the annual event. “We promised Governor Christie, the Towns, the sport and its international fans the best possible experience, and unfortunately we need additional time to ensure that happens,” he continued.

“We remain 100% committed to the Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial and the race could have no better partner and friend than the CEO of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone,” said Mr. Hindery. “We benefit greatly from his experience and counsel and from his support.”

“I remain totally committed to the Port Imperial race and its unique location and attributes, and we will continue to work closely together to realize our dream in 2014,” said Formula One president and chief executive officer, Bernie Ecclestone. “As Leo says, we are still going to be racing at Port Imperial, now however in 2014.”