Quote of the Day: “You put the phone away when you drive and everyone is safer.”

Devastating accidents caused by people texting and driving, told by the people involved—victims, perpetrators, families, and responding officers. Watch it. But get through the whole thing.

Xzavier Davis Bilbo is an 8-year-old paralyzed from the diaphragm down after a driver distracted by texting ran a four-way stop sign and hit him while he was crossing the street with his sister. Narrated in large part by his mother, it’s heartbreaking enough.

Drivers Chandler Gerber and Reggie Shaw, who agreed to appear on camera, each killed more than one person, in separate accidents.

The film manages to be most impressive in it’s subtlety; complex and compassionate in its handling of the people involved—simple and direct in its message. “I want people to look at me, and look at what I did, and what I caused, and say, I don’t want to be that guy,” says Shaw. “You put the phone away when you drive and you’re safer behind the wheel. Everyone else is safer on the road around you.”