Formula 1 Rules: Powertrain (all you need to know) #F1 #COTA #austin

Powertrain: Formula 1 cars use 2.4-litre V8 four-stroke engines that spin up to 18,000 rpm. Each engine must weigh a minimum of 95 kilograms. The weight of car and driver is a minimum of 1,415.36 lbs. (642 kg). Each driver may use only eight engines throughout the duration of the season. Should an engine change be necessary after he has used that allocation, a driver will incur a 10-place grid penalty.

Similarly, gearboxes must last for five consecutive events otherwise a five-place grid penalty is assessed.

Teams may opt to use KERS (kinetic energy recovery systems) which allow the driver a gain in power of around 60 kilowatts once per lap. Speed limits in Pit Lane apply throughout the weekend. In free practice it is 37.28 mph (60 km/h). This rises to 62.13 mph (100 km/h) for the remainder of the event.