A pair of custom, 2014 “Linda Vaughn LV-1” Chevrolet Camaros designed by legendary vehicle developer Jack “Doc” Watson, the creator of the first Hurst/Olds in 1968, were unveiled at the Barrett-Jackson display at the 2013 SEMA Show.

Black LV1 Camaro 2 Door Convertible White LV-1 Camaro 2 Door Coupe

The very collectible limited edition LV-1 marks the first time the high performance industry has ever named a vehicle program after a woman. It was created to celebrate Watson’s 50 years of friendship with Linda Vaughn, the “First Lady of Motorsports,” her career and dedication to the performance industry and fans everywhere, as well as a salute to Chevrolet Performance.

During the unveiling, the Barrett-Jackson team also announced that the first two production LV-1s will cross the auction block at the company’s 43rd annual Scottsdale auction in January to benefit Dreamakers, a non‐profit organization dedicated to providing fundraising for worthwhile charitable organizations through marketing and product development of automotive and technology related programs. This year proceeds will be directed to IKAN, The International Kids Alliance Network, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to exciting teaching tools for kids and stomping out illiteracy.

“Each year SEMA brings together the best of the best in the automotive industry and we were honored to unveil this incredible car with such a legendary duo as Doc Watson and Linda Vaughn,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO, Barrett-Jackson. “We continue to raise the bar in our charitable efforts and can’t wait to see what the Camaros will bring as they cross the block in Scottsdale for a wonderful cause.”

The Dreamakers team also revealed plans for an extensive tour at some of the most prestigious shows in the country, including national and local cruises and races. There will also be special presentations with exclusive television programs and webcasts during which Vaughn and Watson will tell stories, share insights and reveal secrets, while discussing the behind the scenes development, history and legends of the automotive enthusiast world.

Sure to be just as legendary as the original Hurst vehicles, the LV-1 Camaros will be produced in a limited run of 500 vehicles presented in Doc’s iconic Hurst/Oldsmobile color combinations. Only 50 white and gold convertibles, 50 black and gold convertibles, 200 white and gold coupes and 200 black and gold coupes will be offered. Much like Linda Vaughn turned Miss Hurst Golden Shifter into the First Lady of Motorsports, the LV‐1 redefines the character and collectability of very special vehicles. These 2014 Camaros are fully certified and validated, and will carry complete warranty and service policies.

“As a car that was designed by the one-and-only man who brought us the iconic Hurst/Olds, Doc’s LV-1 Camaro is sure to add to the excitement of our Scottsdale event,” said Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis. “It’s these type of unique vehicles that allow us to donate so much to such great organizations across the country, and whoever walks away with these Camaros is going to be a part of history.”

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