First impressions of the Sony Smartwatch 3: So far, so good


Earlier this week, I noted that I finally pulled the trigger on buying my first Android Wear watch. I had previously used review units of different models, but I hadn’t spent my own money on one. The inclusion of dedicated GPS and Wi-Fi radios in the Sony Smartwatch 3 helped me make my decision and the watch arrived a few days ago.

I’ve been wearing it since then and I’m generally pleased by the decision, although there are still some aspects that aren’t great. Aren’t there always with any device? And I can’t really take full advantage of those extra radios yet because there are so few apps that can use the GPS. [company]Google[/company] hasn’t rolled out Wi-Fi support for Android Wear either.

Here are some of my initial thoughts so far:

  • No, the [company]Sony[/company] Smartwatch 3 isn’t as fashionable as the Moto 360. That’s fine with me though…

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