2016 Camaro Six Overview From Christenson Chevrolet | Highland Indiana

Some good skinny on the new 2016 Chevy Camaro sixth generation.

Christenson Chevrolet Auto Blog

Chevrolet has revealed the ALL NEW Chevy Camaro Six. It’s the sixth generation Camaro and truly all new with only 2 parts carrying over from the previous generation.Those parts by the way, are the bowtie emblem on the back and the SS badge, that’s it. Everything else has been built from the ground up using the new Alpha platform.

The full press release is below. But a few highlights are it’s performance options,looks, and technology, over the last gen.

First is performance. This new Camaro went on a diet and gets six brand new combinations for the powertrain.

  • Depending on which trim level you get, the car lost 200 or more pounds. That is huge in the world of sports cars. Especially with more and more technology being added to cars these days.
  • There are 3 engines available ranging from the most fuel efficient Camaro engine ever to the most…

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