This 1969 Ram Air IV GTO Judge is one of only 239 Judges produced with the Ram Air IV engine and 4-speed transmission, an extremely desirable combination among the serious collectors.

This Judge has received a “no excuse” full frame-off professional restoration. The Ram Air IV engine has been carefully restored to “as new” condition. While the engine was out of the car, it was sent out and completely rebuilt. The Ram Air IV engine (code WW) block was honed and new pistons, rings and bearings installed.

The crank was checked and lightly refinished. The Ram Air IV “722” cylinder heads were checked and given a fresh valve job, along with new valves and valve springs. Everything was reassembled and the entire engine assembly was given a coat of the correct Pontiac silver-blue engine paint. The car was completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal.

The frame was removed and the entire drivetrain was rebuilt. The body of this vehicle was gone over from front to back and the body fit is laser straight. Once the body was prepared, it was given a fresh coat of Carousel Red (code 72), using the best modern DuPont base coat clear-coat paint. The frame was also stripped and all chassis components were replaced and refinished in the correct original factory finishes. No stone was left unturned and the interior was completely redone with nothing but the best of correct materials.

All instruments and gauges were checked for operation and repaired or replaced, if necessary. All wire harnesses were replaced with new. The restoration on this GTO is 100% “factory correct”, right down to the correct T-3 headlamps and original style Firestone red stripe tires.

This is a top notch car that comes with a complete set of PHS paperwork and Pontiac Division window sticker. From the Thomas Stutzman Collection.