About Ancala West

Fast Cars. Fast Boats. Fast Motorcycles.

Our goal is to promote the Ancala West Sports Car Club lifestyle.  A lifestyle which embraces the sport of driving, collecting, and enjoying extreme performance automobiles, boats and motorcycles.

Club events are always informal, with camaraderie found around all genres of motor racing, car and motorsports rallying, and high performance special events.

2016 Ninja H2

The Ancala West community is friendly towards, and populated with, people who share our passion for responsibly enjoying everything fast.

A group of Scottsdale, Arizona car enthusiasts originally founded the Ancala West Sports Car Club in 1997 because they simply could not find an organization in our community that embraced the extreme sports car lifestyle in a manner thought fitting.427 COPO

Since those humble beginnings in 1997, the Ancala West Sports Car Club has grown to be one of the largest community-based car club organizations in the country, with chapters, friends, and membership now extending across the globe.  Needless to say, some of the finest automobiles, boats, motorcycles, even airplanes, in the world can be found in our members’ garages.

Every month we’re adding new members – collectors, celebrities, politicians, executives, entrepreneurs, and others who share our passion for owning and driving these beautiful automobiles.
IMG_0441.jpgMany of our members also collect fine art, as well as enjoying their beautiful homes in our pristine Sonoran Desert environment.  It’s good to be among friends who share the passion for the extreme automobile!


If you hold a passion for exceptional, ultra-high performance automobiles, boats, motorcycles and more, we welcome you as a member – and a neighbor.